Our Smart “Better Than A Money Back” Guarantee

We guarantee that you'll make at least 5 times more money than what you've invested into our services in the first 90 days with us, or we’ll work with you for free until you do.

If you're getting a decent volume of website visitors and / or running paid ads and you've run a dead leads resurrection campaign using an offer that we've approved, then it shouldn't take anywhere close to 90 days to get a 5X R.O.I.

However, for some crazy reason, if you have done those things and you still haven't gotten a 5X R.O.I on the money that you invested in us within the first 90 days, then you won't need to pay another dime until you get the 5X R.O.I.

That's like a magic A.T.M that gives you back $5 for every $1 you put in! 🪄✨🏧

The only conditions that we have for this are the following:

  • You have at least 500 unique visitors to your website during those first 90 days
    OR you're investing $750 per month into ad campaigns.

  • AND You've run a dead lead resurrection campaign to your database of at least 500 leads or past clients.

  • AND you're using an offer that we have approved.

Please note: Any ad budget that you use towards paid ad campaigns is NOT counted towards your R.O.I as that is separate from our system fees.

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